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We at The Nest Creche and Montessori would love the opportunity to welcome you and your family to our service.

For further information on enrolments an childcare availability email or contact each service directly and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Steps to enrol your child

  • Complete the Booking form and pay €100 the booking fee to secure your child’s place. This is non-refundable and cannot be offset against future fees.
  • A member of The Nest Staff will be in contact to confirm availability for the dates requested.
  • Three months before your child starts Creche refundable Deposit must be paid.Deposit Fee is fully refundable ONLY upon one months’ written notice being given to “The Nest” of withdrawal of child from service.
  • One month prior to child starting,firts months’ fee is to be paid.Please ensure that you have provided your child’s CHICK number to the Service Manager so that they can calculate the correct fee inclusive of NCS discount.

Schemes and offers

The Early Childhood Care and Education Programme (ECCE) is a universal two-year pre-school programme available to all children within the eligible age range. Children are eligible to start the ECCE scheme in the September of the year they turn 3 years old.It provides children with their first formal experience of early learning prior to commencing primary school. The programme is provided from 9.00- 12.00 three hours per day, five days per week over 38 weeks per year and the programme year runs from September to June each year.

If you are interested in enrolling your child please fill out the ECCE Booking Form and return to The Nest at your earliest convenience, or please call us with any questions you may have with regard to this subsidy directly by logging onto programme and future availability.

The National Childcare Scheme (NCS) provides financial support to help with your childcare costs.

There are two types of childcare subsidy for children aged between 24 weeks and 15 years of age:

1) A universal subsidy which is not means tested.

2) An income-assessed subsidy which is means tested.

You can apply online for the subsidy here  using your MyGovID. See the Application Guide  for assistance on how to apply.

The subsidy will be paid directly to The Nest Creche where it will then be deducted from your monthly fee.

Fees are set in September every year.

Monthly fee payments are to made by the 5th of each month. 

Failure to pay monthly fee by the 5th of each month will incur a late fee.All late fees will be added to your next month’s invoice.

All monthly fees are paid to The Nest year round with no breaks for holiday periods,i.e.Summer,Christmas,Easter,Mid-terms.

Any child with a sibling  in the creche will not be required to pay Booking Fee or Deposit.

Once your child leaves the service the deposit is transferred to any sibling remaining in the service and will be refunded upon one month’s written notice is given to the service.


Everything we do at The Nest is designed to make your life as a parent easier. We’re here to support you as your little one grows – which is why we are so proud of the loving, caring, home-from-home environment that we have created.

We think that clear communication with parents is an absolutely essential part of what we do. That is why we at The Nest use and online system that keeps you informed about what your little one is doing.

Using your secure log-in-details, you can keep up to date with every aspect of what your child is up to during the day. We update it in real time, so you can at a glance see valuable information such as:

  • What your child has had to eat.
  • How many nappy changes we’ve had and if we are running low on supplies.
  • When your child has napped and for how long
  • Any medication we have administered, pictures of your child playing, and what they have been up to.
  • A report is also given to parents on pick-up at the end of each day.

If there is anything you would like to know about your child’s time with us, we’re happy to arrange a meeting to share what they have been up to and how they are coming along as well as address any concerns or queries you may have.

At The Nest Creche and Montessori staff are both caring and experienced . Our staff are also qualified in First Aid.

The welfare and health of the children in our care is paramount.

If a child falls sick or has a temperature, parents are contacted by a member of staff. Permission will be sought before any pain relief is administered.

Where a child is too unwell to stay in the service, parents are asked to collect their child or arrange to have their child collected by a pre-elected relative or friend as soon as possible.

Children with contagious conditions may not attend the Nest until the relevant number of days for exclusion have elapsed. Please refer to our Policies and Procedures.

Children with a high temperature may not attend.​

Once on an antibiotic, a child may not attend The Nest for a period of 48 hours.

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